The Horse Riding Tourist

Packing List

The horse riding holiday packing list below is based on the items that were packed for the wonderful horse riding holidays chronicled in my equestrian non-fiction book: The Horse Riding Tourist – Near and Far.


Electronics Health Clothes Accessories Other
Camera/charger Anti-chaff cream Half chaps Bandana/balaclava Earplugs
Mobile (cell)/charger Antiseptic cream Jodhpurs Bumbag Eye mask
Solar charger Diarrhoea tablets Light trousers Folding day bag  Flight/travel pillow
Tablet Headache tablets Long sleeve tops Head/hairbands Hairbrush
  Insect bite gel Riding gloves Head torch & batteries Laundry bag
Documents Insect repellent Riding hat Hot water bottle (camping)  Padlocks (small)
Accommodation details Plasters/blister patches Riding/walking boots Money belt Pillow & case (camping)
Airline tickets SPF lip balm Socks Rucksack (small) Sleeping bag (camping)
Insurance details SPF sunblock Swimwear Scarf Soft holdall (for treks)
Local contact details Water purifying tablets T-shirts Seatsaver Suitcase (for base stays)
Passport & photocopy   Underwear Small saddlebags Tissues
Vaccination record Money Waterproof coat Sunglasses Toiletries
Visa & photocopy Currency Waterproof trousers Sunhat Toilet roll
  Credit card Windcheater Travel mirror Travel wash
      Travel towel Tweezers
      Water bottles (1 litre) Washcloth
        Wet wipes

Tip: Pack light weight quick drying clothes and keep toiletries to a minimum by using small bottles and tubes.


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