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Son Menut, Mallorca

Horse Riding in Majorca Son Menut, Mallorca

'A Spanish Retreat.'


Part 4 of The Horse Riding Tourist - Near and Far welcomes you to Mallorca in early October 2013. For me, this was a much needed and relaxing horseback riding vacation to a location situated in the tranquil Felanitx countryside.


The horse riding in Mallorca was arranged by Unicorn Trails, who also provided the appropriate insurance cover for horse trekking holidays. Titled, 'Beach and Forest' by 

The Horse Riding Tourist by Rachel Lofthouse Near and Far

Unicorn Trails, the duration of the trail riding holiday eight days/seven nights with six days of horseback riding. There are set dates from March to November.


The base for the week is Son Menut, an equestrian centre that includes a restaurant, accommodation and a swimming pool.


For UK citizens, there is foreign travel advice at

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