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Kjóastaõir Farm, Haukadalur Valley, Iceland Horse riding holiday in Iceland

'A warm welcome in a chilly landscape.'


Part 1 of The Horse Riding Tourist - Near and Far documents my short horse riding holiday in Iceland that took place at the beginning of October 2012. The riding trip was arranged by Unicorn Trails, who booked the flights from London to Reykjavik (return) and provided the appropriate travel insurance cover for horse trekking holidays. Titled, 'Northern Lights Short Break' by Unicorn Trails, the duration of the riding tour is four days/three nights with two days of horseback riding. There are set dates for September and October. This riding vacation short break is one of many programmes offered by Unicorn Trails partner in Iceland, Ishestar each year. Ishestar is a specialist in the field of horseback riding vacations in Iceland.


The Horse Riding Tourist by Rachel Lofthouse Near and Far

For UK citizens, there is foreign travel advice available at http// It is important to note that Iceland has a regulation regarding disinfecting riding equipment and clothes. More information on this regulation is on the Ishestar website page: Frequently Asked Questions.


There are many websites offering details on the sights and activities available in Iceland. A good place to start for a brief overview of the country is the BBC Iceland country profile page.

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