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The Horse Riding Tourist - Near and Far

978-1-999-5802-1-6 The Horse Riding Tourist - Near and Far

ISBN 978-1-999-5802-0-9 (e-book)

ISBN 978-1-999-5802-1-6 (paperback)


From 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021 all profits from sales of The Horse Riding Tourist – Near and Far will be donated to the Bodmin Moorland Pony Rehabilitation charity based in Bodmin, Cornwall, UK. For more information visit To donate click on the button below.


Most horse travel books are about epic equestrian journeys where the author encounters hardship and pain, joy and exhilaration as they roam from here to there for weeks or months on a single trip. The Horse Riding Tourist - Near and Far is different. This nonfiction horse book tells the story of four exceptional horse riding vacations with the longest, a duration of just eight days. You will ride alongside the author as she explores parts of the northern exposed country of Iceland; the ancient sights of Cairo and the Nile Valley in Egypt; the rugged yet beautiful southwest peninsula of Cornwall, Great Britain and the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, Spain. These fascinating trail riding adventures are about the interesting people the author met and the fabulous horses she was given the privilege to ride. These travel by horseback adventures show that anyone can experience a magical horse trekking holiday and it is hoped by reading this book, you will be inspired to have a trail riding adventure of your own.


The Horse Riding Tourist - India

The second equestrian travel book in the series is The Horse Riding Tourist – India. This travel by horseback equestrian journey features two regions of this vast country: Ladakh high up in the mighty Himalayas and Rajasthan, the land of kings. Please email me if you would like to be notified of the launch date.


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