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Horse Riding Holiday Favourite Photo 


Introducing Jameela, the beautiful Anglo Arab I had the privilege to ride on my horse-riding holiday in Egypt.

Horse Riding Holiday Favourite Photo


Introducing Gjáska, the adorable dun Icelandic Horse I had the privilege to ride on my horse-riding holiday in Iceland.

Horse Riding Holiday Preparation

Packing List

Tried and tested items you should consider packing for your horse-riding holiday.

Horse Riding Holiday Preparation


Essential tips to keep you happy and healthy on your horse-riding holiday.

Horse Riding Holiday Preparation

Riding Hat or Sun Cap?

Shall I wear a riding hat or sun cap is an important question that needs to be dealt with before anyone leaves home to embark on a horse riding holiday.

Explore at Home

A Ride on Penhale Beach

You don’t always have to go far to have a horse riding adventure. Look closer to home and you may find an incredible ride just down the road: Horse riding on Penhale Beach in Cornwall.

Horse Riding Holiday Preparation

Research your Destination

A short guide on pre-trip research an essential tool for your horse riding holiday preparations: What you need to know and where to look.

Horse Riding Holiday Preparation

Rider Fitness

Do you need to be fit to go on a horse riding holiday?

Horse Riding Holiday Preparation

Riding Experience

Why it’s important to be realistic about your level of riding experience when choosing a horse riding holiday and in your pre-trip preparations.

How to Choose a Horse Riding Holiday

Part 2

Part 2 of how to choose a horse riding holiday reflects back on the influences that brought about horse riding holidays in the United Kingdom and Mallorca.

How to Choose a Horse Riding Holiday

Part 1

Have you ever considered a horse-riding holiday? Maybe, you’ve already discovered this unique and fabulous way to holiday and need inspiration for your next trip.

The Observer's Book of Horses and Ponies

The Book

Rachel Lofthouse author of the Horse Riding Tourist book series reflects on a childhood book that had a significant influence on her life path.

The Dartmoor Pony


Where and when did your equine journey begin? Mine began a long time ago on a Star. In this blog, I share my memories of my favourite pony from childhood.


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